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Thinking into Character

What is Thinking into Character?

Thinking into Character (TiC) is a suite of transformational learning and leadership programmes that have been created by Regent CEO and founder, Dr Selva Pankaj, to help people achieve personal and professional success in all aspects of their lives. Its ethos is: ‘The end result of education is character’, reflecting the key outcomes behind the programme – positive personal growth and continuous learning.

Incorporating hundreds of years of research into the science and methodology of personal achievement, the revelatory programme incorporates teachings based on the influential self-improvement works of Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Wallace D Wattles, Thomas Troward and Bob Proctor.

What will I learn?

Learn how to set clear, achievable and inspiring goals, overcome negative thinking, change internal thought processes, develop greater awareness of your creative and intellectual potential, create more positive paradigms and overcome fear and anxiety.

How will it help me? 

The programme will also show you how you can become the best version of you by:

  • Building self confidence
  • Transforming feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, doubt and acceptance to certainty, belief, trust and courage
  • Helping you to understand the connection between beliefs and behaviour
  • Giving you the tools, mindset and motivation to succeed
  • Ensuring you are clear about the difference between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’
  • Helping you stay focused and empowered
  • Demonstrating how to be resilient and persistent
  • Encouraging you to be creative and find innovative solutions
  • Showing you how you can turn your dreams into reality
  • Developing qualities of leadership
  • Giving you strategies to overcome your worst fears and barriers to success
  • Teaching self-mastery so that you can build a successful career, get high grades and achieve unlimited success

“The art of René Magritte teaches us to respect that we are only ever limited by our minds. Thinking into character takes us a stage further by empowering young people to be inspired in twelve simple modules to gain the capability to better understand yourself and to achieve your wildest dreams. Like the great artist, you too can mould your future effectively.”

Ronel Lehmann, Founder and Chief Executive, Finito Education

What does the programme include?

Each of the 12 digital on-demand lessons, available 24/7, gives you a deep insight into human psychology and a methodology to adopt a positive and success-oriented perspective through changing your thoughts and behaviour which, in turn, will empower you to take effective action to attain the results you want.

Alongside each lesson will be a range of tools, resources and practical exercises to help embed the key learning points and give you an opportunity to put into practice what you have learned right away. You will be given an e-handbook which includes an overview of each lesson, worksheets, readings and assignments to help consolidate the main points, along with recommended actions.

You also get access to ten bonus lessons, created by Dr Selva Pankaj, which ideally complement the main teachings. They include strategies on adopting a positive attitude, holding in your mind a clear strong purpose, differentiating between needless and legitimate concerns, utilizing the law of energy and the seven natural laws of the universe, being truthful to yourself and others, understanding the seven levels of awareness and unlocking the secret power of knowledge.

You will also be invited to attend thought leadership seminars to support your progress.

Lesson overview

Lesson One: Setting goals

Learn how to create clear and purposeful personal, professional and educational goals that align with your beliefs and help you grow.

Lesson Two: Knowing versus doing

Understand that it is your actions, not what you know, that are important to achieving success. Learn what paradigms are, their connection with behaviour and how to change them.

Lesson Three: The power of your mind

Adopt strategies to overcome negative or disempowering paradigms and replace them with positive proactive ones.

Lesson Four: Control your thoughts

Understand the roles of the conscious and subconscious minds and harness the power of untapped potential. Transform negative thinking into positive outcomes.

Lesson Five: Change your perception

Learn about the six higher mental faculties – memory, reason, perception, imagination, will and intuition. Study your results and change your thinking accordingly.

Lesson Six: Creating your results

Turn a negative inner self-image into a positive outer expression of who you are and want to be.

Lesson Seven: Breaking the terror barrier

How to step outside your comfort zone with confidence and experience true and lasting growth.

Lesson Eight: Beliefs and behaviour

Learn how belief is intertwined with behaviour and how to set in motion a positive vibration leading to productive actions and desirable reactions.

Lesson Nine: Attitude, attitude, attitude!

This is one of the most important lessons in the programme. Study how attitude is what determines what kind of life you have – miserable and fruitless or happy and successful.

Lesson Ten: Leaders and followers

Study the qualities of an intelligent follower and effective leader.

Lesson Eleven: The impression of increase

Learn how to look for the good in everyone you meet and the importance of always giving and doing your best.

Lesson Twelve: Quantum leap to success

Learn how to jump on the fast track to success by taking exponential jumps to higher performance levels. Monitor your thoughts carefully and dream BIG!

Start your journey today

Many students are already living their educational, personal and professional aspirations, having followed the life-changing Thinking into Character programme.

By applying the principles, adopting the positive attributes, changing your thinking and committing to a life of happiness and success, you, too, could achieve what you never thought possible.

This is an opportunity to create and live your dream life. Change your thinking, change your behaviour and you will achieve success. The journey to amazing abundance, success and happiness starts here.

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I'm ready to get started

Arrange a time to talk through your goals with one of our friendly advisors here at Regent Learning

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